In consideration of value received, receipt whereof is acknowledged, I hereby give Rock Your Hair (RYH) absolute right and permission to copyright and/or publish or use video, audio or photographic portraits or pictures of me, or in which I may be included in whole or in part, or composite or distorted in character or form in any way, in conjunction with my own or a fictitious name, or reproductions thereof in color otherwise, made through any media, for art, advertising, trade or any other lawful purpose whatsoever.

I hereby grant RYH or its officers, employees agents and/or any others acting on its behalf or with its permission, a full and unconditional release of any and all claims, demands or causes of action or liability, both presently and in the future, for any and all losses, injuries or conditions in general, which I may claim to or have actually suffered as a result of services performed and/or materials used upon my hair or person in connection with the services and/or preparation of my hair or skin by RYH, its officers, employees, agents and/or those acting in its behalf for any claims of negligent or other dangerous or wrongful conduct either by way of act or omission whether in the formulation, manufacturing or application of its product and/or the services performed by its authorized agents on my hair.

I hereby assume for myself and my family all risks for any personal injuries, including death and property damage which I may suffer during my contracted time or un-contracted time in which I may perform any services or make myself available for any reasons, preparations, rehearsals or casting calls, or in transportation to or from any such events and I release RYH and all their employees and representatives from any claims, and do relinquish the right to sue for any dam-ages resulting from negligence, gross or otherwise, or wrongful legal conduct either by way or act or omission. I give willing consent that this release shall be legally binding to me or anyone who may sue on my behalf.

I hereby agree that in the event that I do not perform services agreed to herein, I will be liable for non-refundable costs incurred by RYH in my name, which are related to or necessary for the job assigned, including but not limited to air-line tickets and hotel reservations, etc. I will reimburse RYH within 15 days of receipt of written notice for such expenses.

As an Independent Contractor, I assume responsibility for paying any payroll or employment taxes on all payments received from RYH, in addition, I am responsible for Workers Compensation Insurance coverage and acknowledge that RYH holds no responsibility for such coverage. I understand that as an Independent Contractor I retain full independence in exercising judgment as to the manner of performing the services necessary to accomplish the objectives RYH desires. I release RYH from any liability for all loss injury or death, whether temporary or permanent, including any and all expenses and loss of payments, which may occur as a result of said injury.

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