ROCK Squad Terms & Conditions

Usage Guidelines

The ROCK Squad is for individuals who LOVE Rock Your Hair and member affiliate links are for personal use only. Your link may only be published on your personal and/or fan accounts*. If you have your link posted on a business page, or an account that appears to be a business page, we kindly ask that you remove it immediately.

Links found on ineligible pages will be disabled immediately and members will be removed from the ROCK Squad. 

If you discover an account that is in violation of any of our rules or guidelines, please report the account by sending an email to

*Fan/group accounts that accept payment (or merchandise) in exchange for posts, or have their own ambassadors, are also considered business pages and are not eligible for the ROCK Squad. You may post your link on your personal page.

Age Guidelines

Participants of the ROCK Squad Promo Team must be at least 6 years of age. If you are under 18, please have a parent or guardian fill out the application for you and assume responsibility and management of the account. Minor accounts must be monitored by an parent, guardian or manager at all times. 

Representing the Company

As a member of the ROCK Squad, we kindly ask that you refrain from promoting competing brands or products. If you think a company that you currently promote may be a conflict of interest, please email before applying. If selected, you will be a representative of our company 24/7, not just while wearing a RYH shirt or holding a can or hair spray. RYH reserves the right to ask representatives to remove posts from their social media feeds if they appear to be conflicting with the company’s image. 

It is possible to be removed from the ROCK Squad Promo Team for reasons such as:

  • Inappropriate social media posts
  • Bullying
  • Illegal activity of any kind
  • Drug & alcohol usage
  • Failure to follow rules & guidelines
  • At the request of the member's gym/studio

Reports of promo team members engaging in any of the above activities will be investigated fully. Affiliate program members are a direct reflection of our company, therefore inappropriate behavior of any kind will not be tolerated. If a representative is dismissed from the program, they will not be eligible to reapply in the future. All decisions of the RYH Corporate team are final. 


ROCK Squad and promo team are the same thing, the ROCK Squad is our Official Promotional Team. 

The Ambassador/Model programs merged into our promo team. If you were part of one of these programs, simply re-apply for the ROCK Squad Promo Team and your application will be approved (you will receive a template email that your application is under review, but don't worry, you'll be automatically approved within 48 hours).

All of our previous programs are now one cohesive Promotional Team, which is called the ROCK Squad. Everyone starts on the same level, and based on your sales volume, you can be moved to the celebrity category. The ROCK Squad Promotional Team also gives each promoter the opportunity to earn commission on all of their sales in the form of a RYH Gift Card. Top promoters will also get invited to participate in photo shoots, social media takeovers, RYH Events, etc.

Social Media & Other RYH Opportunities

In addition to earning website credit and special gifts, all ROCK Squad Promo Team members are eligible to be featured on our social media. Each participant also has the opportunity to move up to the "Celebrity" category, where they will have the chance to attend RYH Events as a VIP and participate in Official RYH Photoshoots. Social media and other promotional opportunity selections will be mostly based on sales volume. However, we will periodically choose members doing an awesome job of promoting (regardless of sales volume) to participate in various Rock Your Hair promotional opportunities. Selection for all promotional opportunities is at the discretion of the Rock Your Hair Marketing Team, all decisions are final.

Cheer Rockstars

Cheer gym sales and distribution are handled exclusively by Varsity All Star Fashion. We kindly ask that you respect the boundaries and conduct your personal promotions outside of the gym. Cheer Rockstars will be removed from the ROCK Squad immediately if found to be in violation of this rule. Thank you for your cooperation.

Social Media Shoutouts

Being featured on our story is reserved for ROCK Squad members who stand out from the crowd. If you would like a chance to be featured on our story follow the guidelines below:

  • Your Instagram account must be public. We cannot see your photos and how much you are promoting if your profile is private.
  • Use the following hashtags: #ROCKSquad, #RYHGirl2017 (or #RYHGuys2017) and #RYHLove
  • Tag @rockyourhair and @ryh_rocksquad


Coupons are no longer given out to RYH promoters. Instead, all of your sales will be tracked through your custom affiliate referral link found in your Refersion dashboard. You can earn 10% back on all of your personal purchases by shopping through your link. Also, a few times a year, you will get private access to ROCK Squad ONLY pricing to stock up on all of your favorite products. 

ROCK Squad member will not receive free products, but you will have the opportunity to earn free products based on sales from your link. Everyone that clicks on your affiliate referral link will be tracked, and if they make a purchase, you will earn 10% of the qualifying sale in the form of a RYH Gift Code. Your gift code can be used towards ANYTHING on the website!

ROCK Squad Private Instagram Account

Stay up-to-date on the latest ROCK Squad news by following the private ROCK Squad Instagram account.

You MUST have your ROCK Squad link in your Instagram bio BEFORE requesting to follow our private account. If the link is not in your bio, your request to follow will be deleted. Please do not post this account publicly and ask others to follow. This account is meant for ROCK Squad Members ONLY.

Non-Commissionable Items

The following items are not eligible for ROCK Squad commission: event tickets, payment plans, ROCK Squad branded merchandise and gift cards. If you would like to purchase a gift card, please purchase the gift card by itself, on a separate order. If your order contains other items, you will not get credit for the entire order.

Note: Due to the way our system is setup, you will get a pending conversion email for your gift card purchase, but this conversion will be denied. We apologize for not being able to issue credit for gift card purchases. Please email us if you would like further explanation of this policy

Personal Purchases

Your affiliate cookie may interfere with tracking on your personal devices. This can happen in some cases depending on your local variables. To place a personal order, we recommend that you use Google Chrome and open your affiliate link in a NEW Incognito browser window. If you place an order through your link and it does not show up in your dashboard within 24 hours, email the order number to and we will review the purchase for a manual credit.