Rock Your Pony

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Color Matching:
When you submit your order for a Rock Your Pony our pony specialist will reach out to you within 48 hours to receive pictures. 
  • One side-view photo that shows all your hair from top to bottom
  • One close-up photo of your hair roots that shows the color clearly
  • Take photos indoors, in a well-lit room
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Have subject face sideways
  • Take photo with the window at THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S back
  • Do not use flash, filters or color effects
  • Only send photos that represent your hair color in real life
Our RYP Color Match Specialist will provide you with a color recommendation based on how the hair appears in the photos sent to Rock Your Hair. Do not send multiple photos that depict different colors in each photo. The hair color should look the same in all photos sent. Rock Your Pony is not responsible for incorrect color matches due to inaccurate photos.
Bun Cap Size:
Measuring for your bun cap size is a very simple process. *Measure In Inches*
Our Rock Your Pony Specialist will help you through this process as well.
  • Put athletes hair in a tight ballerina bun on top of their head, directly above the ear line.
  • Utilize a fabric tape measure
  • Place the start of tape measure directly on scalp at the base of the bun.
  • Pull the tape measure directly UP & OVER the athletes bun to the other side at the base.
  • The measurement you record from one side to the other will be your bun cap size
  • Let our Rock Your Pony specialist know the bun measurement

Tease Size:

  • Small Tease: Tease will be below the top of a standard cheer bow.
  • Medium Tease: Tease will come to the top of a standard cheer bow.
  • Large Tease: Tease will come higher then the top of a standard cheer bow.

Please agree to the terms and conditions before purchasing this product.

There will be absolutely no refunds for Rock Your Pony once the pony has been used. All Rock Your Ponies are custom made to match the individual athlete's hair color and bun size and are very costly to manufacture. Your Rock Your Pony should last an average of two cheer seasons but you must care for the pony properly and make sure to store it in it's pony box (i.e. don't let your 4 year old sibling or pet dog run around the house with it lol).

If a refund for a pony is approved and the reason for the refund is not the fault of Rock Your Pony, there will be a $45 re-stocking fee and the customer will be responsible for shipping back the pony in it’s original condition. If you have questions on matching your color and bun size, please make sure to speak with a pony consultant to determine what color and size are best.

Upon receipt of your pony you will have 48 hours to reach out with any issues regarding color, bun size etc and Rock Your Pony will do everything to ensure you a pony that you are happy with! When you submit a purchase for a Rock Your Pony you have 24 hours to cancel your purchase and receive a full refund minus a 5% credit card processing fee.